Legislative Update

Update - March 2020

Base Amount Increase

The House Pension, Investments & Financial Services Committee, Chaired by Rep. Jim Murphy (R) from Houston will be holding Interim Hearing on March 9th to discuss the OCCC and Internet Lending. Robert Howden, our Lobbyiest as spoken with Rep. Murphy's and his staff about having a seat at the table to discuss our base amount increase.

Because of our lobbying effort, former TCFA Chairman Doug Clark is speaking on our behalf. He will be testifying about Internet lending, the credit desert" and our proposed legislation to increase our base rate amount to allow 342F lenders to make larger loans at the state Capitol. It is important to note that the Committee will not be taking any public testimony.

Our plan to try and make sure raising the base rate for 342F lenders will be included in the Committee’s Interim Report, which will be used as a guide for proposed legislation next Session.

Political and State Elections

There are several state legislators who have Primary Election Races this March. In many of the following races the TCFA PAC Board has agreed to contribute. And in almost all those PAC check were given to incumbents in meeting with TCFA Members.

Senator Eddie Lucio (L) meets with TCFA Board Member Jaime Parra, Jr. at a recent PAC meeting in Brownsville

Rep. Jared Patterson (L) talks with TCFA Chairman Jeff Tinney about 342f issues at PAC Check meeting in Frisco

2 Senate Incumbents with Primary Election Opponents (2 D):

SD 13: Senator Borris Miles-D

SD 27: Senator Eddie Lucio-D

30 House Incumbents with Primary Election Opponents (14 R, 16 D):

HD 2: Rep. Dan Flynn-R

HD 9: Rep. Chris Paddie-R

HD 30: Rep. Geanie Morrison-R

HD 36: Rep. Sergio Munoz-D

HD 37: Rep. Alex Dominguez-D

HD 38: Rep. Eddie Lucio III-D

HD 41: Rep. Bobby Guerra-D

HD 45: Rep. Erin Zweiner-D

HD 51: Rep. Eddie Rodriguez-D

HD 59: Rep. JD Sheffield-R (2 opponents) HD 60: Rep. Mike Lang-R

HD 65: Rep. Michelle Beckley-D

HD 71: Rep. Stan Lambert-R

HD 72: Rep. Drew Darby-R

HD 80: Rep. Tracy King-D

HD 85: Rep. Phil Stephenson-R (2 opponents) HD 89: Rep. Candy Noble-R

HD 106: Rep. Jared Patterson-R

HD 116: Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer-D

HD 127: Rep. Dan Huberty-R

HD 128: Briscoe Cain-R

HD 129: Rep. Dennis Paul-R

HD 131: Rep. Alma Allen-D (3 opponents) HD 139: Rep. Jarvis Johnson-D

HD 141: Rep. Senfronia Thompson-D

HD 142: Rep. Harold Dutton-D (3 opponents) HD 146: Rep. Shawn Thierry-D

HD 147: Rep. Garnet Coleman-D

HD 149: Rep. Hubert Vo-D (2 opponents)

Robert S. Howden

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