Our Work

TCFA is active in the following ways

legislative efforts.jpeg

Texas Legislative Efforts

We maintain a strong legislative committee, active in tracking legislation, supporting positive legislation, opposing negative legislation, and maintaining relationships to represent members' interests.

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Direction and Support

TCFA is lead by an elected group of officers and directors who provide direction and support.

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Stay Informed

We maintain an informed membership through communications that include state and federal regulatory updates, legislative updates, and business issues facing the industry.

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Annual Conventions

We hold an annual convention dedicated to education on pressing issues, improving business practices, and the camaraderie of common purpose.

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Membership Meetings

We hold periodic membership meetings designed to disseminate information and garner unified support and purpose.

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Active in Political Process

TCFA is politically active through legislative member meetings, fundraisers, and events.

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Executive Director

TCFA's Executive Director manages membership benefits, communications, and finances to achieve the association's goals.

Important Regulatory Relationships.jpeg

Important Regulatory Relationships

We engage with the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner and Texas Finance Commission to stay apprised of and influence important regulatory issues affecting the industry.


Protect Federal Interests

We maintain relationships and/or membership in national associations (AFSA/NILA) to maintain, promote, and protect members' interests at the federal level.